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Chris & Beth

a love story

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths By the Lake

They realized she was living in Tahoe, right by his family’s cabin, for years. They must have walked the same paths, taken in the same views, looked up at the same starry skies, without ever knowing what fate had in store.

Chapter 4: So Little Time, So Much to Do

With barely more than six months to plan, Chris and Beth set their wedding for the one-year anniversary of their first date. Of course, with no comprehensive resource to help them focus their efforts, frustrations mounted. They drove from one place to another, meeting wedding vendors in the most unexpected places: living rooms, coffee shops, watering holes – anytime, anywhere – they were all over the map to make it happen.

It was here that the seeds of a new idea began to take form.

Chapter 6: Happily Ever After and Taking their Love Online Again

So now they’ve come full circle, a romance that has traveled from the virtual world to the sandy shores of Tahoe to a honeymoon in the Mediterranean and back again. Together, Chris and Beth dreamed up an online portal where truth and beauty will always prevail, and the story of the perfect wedding can forever start anew.

My Wedding Library connects engaged couples with local Reno/Lake Tahoe wedding vendors. Featuring an innovative web site that allows couples to comparison shop local vendors, read other brides' reviews and communicate directly with vendors. At our stylish South Reno storefront, brides-to-be can browse bookshelves filled with local vendors' portfolios, schedule meetings with vendors and receive unbiased guidance from the librarians.

Chapter 1: Love at First Site

Fall 2008. They met online. It was a virtual miracle. From their first date on September 5th at the Stonehouse Café, the chemistry was undeniable.

Chapter 3: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

It was Valentine’s Day, 2009. He couldn’t wait any longer. She received a dozen roses, each with a puzzle piece tied to the stem. When she completed the puzzle, her future would be revealed.

Chapter 5: The Perfect Day

They said their vows overlooking Tahoe – the waters calm, the sky clear. They walked the shoreline path they both knew so well for their reception, where a tight-knit group of 80 guests awaited, 20 of whom were in the wedding party. Everything came together – the dance lessons, the music, the flowers, the cake…even the moon was full of promise.

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