A Truckee Wedding

My sister recently married in Truckee, CA.  Living far away with her fiance, planning the wedding was quite difficult.  As a soon to be Truckee bride, planning a wedding in Truckee CA and living in Wisconsin, she had to find local help to plan the entire event – trusting recommendations and other people’s perceptions of everything from local Truckee florists, local Truckee photographers, local Truckee caterers, local Reno DJs (the ones who would come to Truckee for the event) and more.

To make the best of her situation, she needed a library of resources to help her pool her options and make her decisions easier.  My Wedding Library was not around then, but if it was, it would have been her first choice for planning her Truckee wedding.  I am sure of it – Alison, sister of the bride

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