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New Reno/Tahoe Business Takes Wedding Web Model A Few Steps Further Down the Aisle

Local Wedding Vendors Virtual Storefront

The advent of the Internet has changed many things in our world, including the entire process of wedding planning. With online search tools and a never-ending idea bank, brides-to-be are taking event planning into their own hands, constantly searching for more options and more power over the process. As the wedding industry works hard to keep up with consumer expectations on the Internet, Reno/Tahoe wedding vendors are thinking ahead. Combining a national wedding site model – such as The Knot or The Wedding Channel, with a consumer review model – such as Yelp or Travelocity – a new wedding Web site model dedicated specifically to Reno/Tahoe has emerged. Whereas before, brides could only gather information and advice, now they can give it. Truly interactive, with local wedding vendors being ranked by consumers and giving all parties the ability to communicate directly with one another, the new model serves as a more effective wedding planning tool than ever before.

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