Bridesmaids Gifts – What you should consider?

The gift for the Bridesmaids acts as a token of your appreciation of their involvement and support with your wedding and throughout your friendship. Be thoughtful, timeless and most importantly, thinkā€¦ “would I want this gift?”

Remember it’s the thought that counts so there are no rules as to how much you should spend, but keep a couple things in mind:

1. What will your budget allow?
2. How much are they spending to be a part of your wedding? (Dress, Makeup, Travel, etc)

These gifts are usually presented at the rehearsal dinner, a place where you can toast and thank your special ladies. Depending on the gift you may need to provide them sooner than the night before the wedding, the Bridal Shower or Luncheon may be appropriate.

With so many options, here’s a list of some of our favorites:

+ Pamper them with a Spa Gift Certificate
+ Reminisce your favorite memories with a personalized Frame
+ Bedazzle their bridesmaid dresses with matching Jewelry
+ Spruce up their bouquet with a personalized Charm

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