Wedding Formal Wear – Some Helpful Hints for the Bride & Groom

To make a great impression on both the wedding guests and each other, the bride and groom must dress to impress on their big day!  Formal wear selection is of utmost importance in all that is planning a wedding.  For the bride, picking the dress is not only about looking gorgeous, but also about feeling beautiful.  For the groom, choosing a tuxedo is not only about what’s most comfortable, but also about expressing style. 

Some helpful tips for both the bride and groom to keep in mind when trying on formal wear are these:

1. Be open minded
-be willing to try on all different styles to figure out what looks and feels best

2. Bring a friend or family member
-having a trusted loved one present is a great idea because they’ll provide an honest opinion…just don’t invite the whole gang (too much from the peanut gallery may cause indecision)

3. Budget wisely
-expenses add up quickly when it comes to fancy attire, so outlining a budget for each      item (i.e. dress, veil, shoes, tie, vest, cuff links, etc.) will definitely prevent breaking the      bank

4. Bring in the theme
-try to reflect the wedding theme through the attire (For example, for a beach wedding, a short dress or white linen suit would work great. Or, for a winter wedding, consider        wearing a soft cashmere shawl or wool-lined suit to keep warm.)

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