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Within hours of being engaged, after excitedly making phone calls to parents and friends, all I wanted to talk about was WHEN and WHERE we were going to have the wedding. Like most brides, I was obviously looking forward to trying on gowns and choosing my bridesmaids, but I couldn’t think about any of those details until my fiance, Trey, and I picked a date and place. We became pretty set on a date, primarily because it was the first possible date we could tie the knot, with Trey’s graduation this year. After learning how popular the months of May to August are in the wedding industry, we began to realize that we would either have to compromise our date or our location.

From Bride To Bride

So, here is my advice: if you don’t have at least a year’s time to scout out your dream venue, you may need to be flexible with your dream date. For Trey and I, the location was most important, so we pushed back our date, and booked a beautiful venue. We couldn’t be more excited for our special day, and we feel that the perfect place is well worth a two-week wait!

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