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There was nothing more exciting to me about planning my wedding (well, besides getting to marry the man of my dreams) than the thought of picking out my wedding dress. When I first began to search for “the one,” I invited my bridesmaids, my mom and my aunt to come along for what I was sure to be the day that I found the perfect fit. I knew exactly what I wanted and I was determined to find it.

by Jessica Carter

At the start of the day, I wasn’t exactly willing to try on dresses that my family and friends recommended (talk about Bridezilla!). However, a few stores into looking, I was ready to try on anything that was long, white and even remotely resembled a wedding gown, because I was so determined to find mine that day. After spending over 7 hours trying on wedding dresses from nearly every bridal store in Las Vegas, I couldn’t find my dream dress. Discouraged, I returned to Reno in hopes of finding something. Just a couple hours into looking, I had found two dresses that I liked (Reno has wonderful bridal boutiques!) Finally, I made my decision to try on a dress totally different in style from what I had originally wanted; it was surprisingly perfect. I instantly knew that it was the “one” and I cannot wait to wear it on my wedding day! A word of advice to all brides: be open-minded when looking for a dress, try on styles you couldn’t normally see yourself in and listen to the advice and opinions of your loved ones… you will feel so confident and gorgeous when you slip on that picture perfect gown!

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