The Guest Book – You Have Options!

When guests arrive at a wedding reception, it is customary for them to sign in at the guest table. Traditionally, guest books are exactly that—books that wedding guests sign for the bride and groom, putting onto paper their love and best wishes, for the happy couple to keep in their home. However, guest books have undergone quite the modernization since they first appeared at weddings.  No longer is the giant books filled with blank sheets of paper the only option for a memorable keepsake.

Today, brides and grooms are presented with a few more choices regarding how they

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would like to remember who attended their wedding…among these is the photo album, in which guests place a picture that was taken of them at the wedding, whether with an old-school Polaroid camera or using a trendy PhotoBooth.

Another choice is to frame a large print of the bride and groom, with a thick border, on which guests can write their names and congratulations.  The framed print can then be hung in the newlyweds’ home as an illustration of how special their wedding truly was for them and their guests alike.

A third option is to create a digital guestbook.  Upon arrival to the reception, guests will be asked to deliver a message to the bride and groom on camera!  This option, although requiring a bit of spontaneity and a willing video camera man or woman, offers the couple a chance to see their guests’ excitement and hear their words of encouragement firsthand.

So, which option will you and your fiancé choose?  There’s nothing wrong with sticking to tradition, but trying something new can definitely be fun too!

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