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At Handlebar Studios, their business philosophy is simple: There is no such thing as a client…they believe in friends. They care about every single client and will be there for you every step of the way.  They are more than happy to get together for coffee, chat with you and lend an understanding ear when things get crazy! They love hearing about your wedding planning process, and throwing out some helpful ideas. But even more than that, they love developing a relationship with their clients and getting to know each of you as individuals.

Handlebar Studios

The special relationships that are developed with their clients come through in photos as well. When your comfortable enough to hang out with your photographer like a good friend, then you are going to look much more relaxed, genuine and vibrant in your photos! They want to make sure that they have plenty of time to give each and every client the attention they deserve. By this they mean not only in person but also behind the scenes. Editing images can take a lot of time and they want to make sure you look your best in photos and video. Because of this they only shoot 15-20 weddings per year. Every wedding, every couple, every relationship counts.

My Wedding Library is excited to have Handlebar Studios as a member of the library.

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