Living Eco-Happily-Ever-After

It’s true – you can have sustainable love and a sustainable wedding. Forward-thinking, eco-conscious ceremonies are one of the hottest trends, so if you’re wondering how you can make your wedding beautiful for your guests and the environment – theme it green!

There are many great ways to have an earth-friendly wedding:

Stay Local – If the majority of your friends and relatives live right here in Reno/Tahoe, keeping your ceremony in town will save on carbon emissions from planes, trains and automobiles.

Put your Commitment Down on Paper – Save the rainforests – use recycled paper for your invitations. You’ll see that recycled paper is elegant and beautifully textured, and will send a message of warmth and compassion to your guests.

– Organize limo service to transport the bridal party or a bus to transport guests from one location to another. It not only saves the planet, it saves on every couple of guests having to designate a driver!

Hire a Carriage – There’s no better way to make Mother Earth happy than to cut out fossil fuels entirely where you can, and nothing says romance more than a horse-drawn carriage.

Go Vintage – Pre-owned and vintage wedding gowns are all the rage. Wear mom’s 60’s style frock or opt for natural fibers like organic cotton – you’ll be a true natural beauty inside and out!

Think “Love Unplugged” – From candlelight to LED light, there are many ways to have a low-kilowatt wedding. Think about hiring an acoustic band or a classical music quartet for some energy-efficient entertainment all night!

Support your Local Farmer – The most celebrated restaurants in the world do it, why not you? Ask your caterer to create your menu of locally grown, organic ingredients – from meat and vegetables to tea and spices to beer and wine – it’s all out there and constantly growing in popularity.

Pick Flowers Close to Home
– Ask your florist to make your bouquets out of locally grown, seasonal flowers or make your centerpieces out of potted plants instead of opting for imported blooms.

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