Reno Wedding & Lake Tahoe Wedding Photography Pointers

Wedding pictures are some of the most cherished possessions for couples all around the world.  The beautiful and unforgettable memories that were made on the bride and groom’s wedding day can be captured and kept forever through a photograph, making the selection of a wedding photographer a very important decision in the planning process.

It is important for the bride and groom to thoroughly search for the photographer that best fits their preferences regarding style and technique, product offerings, extent of services, and price.  The couple should meet with and interview potential photographers to get a feel for their work and to ensure that both parties will enjoy working with one another.

To get the most out of wedding photography, the couple should first let the photographer know their expectations.  For example, it may be very important to one couple to do pictures with extended family, while another couple may only want pictures with both sets of parents.  Or, one couple may choose to take pictures together before the ceremony, whereas another may not want to see one another before the bride walks down the aisle.  Second, the couple should ask their photographer about any suggestions that he or she may have.  The photographer may prefer to shoot at a certain time of day, many have a set of poses already in mind, or may wish only to capture candid moments of the bride and groom’s interactions.

The bottom line is that the couple and photographer should both communicate their expectations to one another to ensure a picture perfect experience for all!

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