What Should You Consider When Selecting a Color Scheme for Your Wedding?

Selecting a Color Scheme

When deciding on which colors will be the focus of your wedding décor, there are many important things to consider.  Following is a list of five factors to think about when selecting your color scheme:

1.     Season

  • During what time of the year will you have your wedding?
  • What will the weather be like?
  • Think about the color schemes that go along with the different seasons (i.e. pastels in spring, bright hues in summer, warmer shades in fall, and cool undertones in winter)

2.     Venue

  • At what type of location will your wedding take place?
  • Will it be indoors, outdoors, or both?
  • Will any colors clash with the venue’s color scheme or décor?

3.     Ambiance

  • What type of mood do you want to set?
  • Think about the emotion and meaning behind each color (i.e. red sets a romantic tone, black implies formality, yellow creates a bright atmosphere, etc.)

4.     What’s In

  • What color schemes are most popular right now?
  • Which shades are hot?
  • Thinking about these things will help make finding matching different                     decorations much easier

5.     People

  • #1 is you and your groom…what colors do you both like?
  • #2 is your wedding party…what colors will look best on these people?
  • #3 is your guests…what colors will reflect the formality of the dress?
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