Selecting the Wedding Party – What should you consider?

The Bridal Party

Selecting the wedding party is a fun, but often difficult, decision to make. You may have trouble narrowing down your family and friends to the group you want by your side at the altar, or you may struggle to decide which family or friends you are close enough with to include. Either way, taking the time to make this decision is key. After all, your wedding party represents your closest companions, your support system, and the people in your life who mean most to you (besides your adorable fiancé of course!). To go with the common expression, ‘family first,’ think of the family members that you may want to be your bridesmaids…it may be your sisters, cousins, mother, or aunts. Second, think of your friends. Who has stood by your side through thick and thin? Who do you go to when you have big news? Next, it may be a good idea to consider your fiancé’s family. Is he super close with his sister or cousin? It could be a nice gesture to include those individuals in your wedding party too. The same goes for him…first consider family: brothers, cousins, father, or uncles, then friends, then the bride’s family.

Wedding party size is totally up to the bride and groom’s discretion. However, it’s a good idea to consider the size of the guest list. If only 50 guests are attending your wedding, having 14 of them be part of the wedding party may be a little off balance. But, with a 300 guest wedding, having 7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen is a bit more sensible. For the flower girls and ring bearers, couples typically consider their own children first, then family members such as younger siblings, cousins, or family friends. Whatever the case may be, make sure they’re super cute and willing to do the job!

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