Table for 150? Seating Chart Tips & Advice

To seat or not to seat; probably one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding, the dreaded seating chart. There are three seating options:

• None – best for small and informal events, an open seating environment.

• Assign Guests to Tables – you allocate guests to tables and they choose their seat.

• Assign Guests to Seats – you specify the seat at each table to a guest.

Tips for Table Seating
Try and arrange a mix on each table – so everyone knows a few people.

If you are using round tables, the general etiquette is to seat males and females alternately around the table. For long tables, seat couples opposite one another and

Seating Chart

then alternate male/females along the table.

The tables closest to the Bride and Groom should be reserved for the closest friends and family.

Give each table a name or number. Table names could be themed – for example people, objects or places that are relevant to you as a couple. Eliminating the table numbers removes the perceived hierarchy of tables.

If you are assigning guests to specific seats you should create name place cards. These could also show menu choices to assist the wait staff with providing a more seamless service.

Arranging the chart can take a long time and might involve numerous revisions. Cutting up pieces of paper for each guest and table and use these to try out different layouts. Or develop an online version to make manipulations easy.

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