The Rehearsal – A Special Time for the Wedding Party

The wedding rehearsal is not only the time to perfect the day-of schedule, but also is it a chance for the bride and groom to spend quality time with the special people in their wedding.

Although a ceremony rehearsal is not required, most on-site coordinators or even personal

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planners, will want to run through the order of events so that all members of the wedding party are on the same page.  The rehearsal does not typically last as long as the actual ceremony will, but serves as a shorthand version of how the next day is supposed to flow.  The bride and groom’s family usually attend the rehearsal, in addition to the wedding party, so that they are familiar with their assigned seating and any ceremony roles that they may hold, such as participating in the processional, or escorting the bride or groom.

Following most ceremony rehearsals is a dinner party.  The groom’s family typically hosts this gathering, and the guest list usually consists of the bride’s family, the groom’s family, and the wedding party.  However, some couples have also invited close family friends, or those that have traveled a long way to attend the wedding, to the rehearsal dinner as well.

Rehearsal dinners can be held at a restaurant, a banquet hall, or a home.  The decision is most often left to the groom’s family, or other hosting party.  Regardless of the location of the rehearsal dinner, it is important for the host to consider the bride and groom’s preference since it is a time to celebrate and toast their upcoming union.

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