Wedding Transportation – Avoid Mishaps with Proper Planning

Picture the following unpleasant situations:

The groomsmen were supposed to pick up the groom’s parents on their way to the venue for pre-ceremony pictures, but got caught up at lunch and forgot.  Now, everything is 30 minutes behind schedule…

The bridesmaids have had a little too much to drink in celebrating their best friend’s nuptials.  They carpooled over to the reception site, but no one has been assigned “DD”…

The wedding festivities are coming to a close and the bride and groom are ready to head to their hotel, but the only car that’s not stuffed to the brim with gifts is grandma’s old station wagon…

And now, take a deep breath because these mishaps are totally avoidable if proper

Wedding Transportation

transportation planning is pursued.  Reserving transportation for important wedding attendants and guests is a crucial step in the wedding planning process.  Doing so ensures that arrivals to the wedding are on time and departures home are safe.  Transportation services also offer other incentives that guarantee that a good time is had by all.  The bride and groom are able to leave their wedding and arrive at their hotel in style, nervous parents are able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere complete with a glass of champagne, and the wedding party is able to get the party started by celebrating together on the ride over.

Arranging for transportation for the bride and groom, their families, and the wedding party is customary, but many companies will be happy to offer their services for wedding guests as well.  After all, who doesn’t feel like royalty after riding in a beautiful limo?

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