Wedding Favors – Give Your Guests Something to Remember

Sending your wedding guests off with a little something to take home is not only a kind

Wedding Favors

gesture, but it also will give them something to remember your special day by.  Like most other facets of a wedding, favors come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors.  Some couples opt for an edible favor with selections ranging from a box of Jordan almonds to personalized M&Ms to chocolate covered strawberries dressed as bride and groom and more.  Other couples choose to give a keepsake such as a picture frame, candle, or coaster.

When deciding on what type of favor to present to your guests, think about your wedding budget and your wedding theme.  First is the budget…if you only have a little bit to spend, buying in bulk is best.  Many companies offer discounts on large orders of the same thing.  For example, you can get cute monogrammed mint boxes or bubble tubes for a fairly inexpensive price.  If you have set aside a good amount of money for your favors, you can probably afford to splurge.  Maybe send each guest away with his or her own bag of hand-selected candy from the DIY bar you have set up, or a nice bottle of wine.  Second is the theme.  If your wedding is outside in the summer, how about sending your guests home with their very own potted plants? If it’s wintertime, a decorative holiday ornament would be great! Whatever type of favor you and your fiancé decide to go with, make sure to order more than the number of guests you expect to attend the wedding.  Having a few extra will allow you to replace one that may have been damaged in the mail or misplaced in traveling to the reception site.

One last tip, have fun with your favors by making them your own—your guests will refer this gift as a vivid memory of your wedding!

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