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Have you heard of a Love Letter Ceremony?

Prior to the wedding day, the bride and the groom each write the ultimate love letter to each other. A testament showcasing the reasons they are marrying, special memories from the relationship, the special moments they fell in love, the proposal, plans for your future, etc. Whatever is written, the bride and groom must not read each others’ letters.
The day of the wedding, the couple locks their sealed love letters in a box with memorabilia

The Love Letter Ceremony

or keepsakes they have chosen. The letters are placed in the box and nailed shut during the ceremony, usually by the Mothers or Officiant.

The box may be opened in only two instances. First, if there is a time in your marriage where you feel that you are in danger of not saving your marriage, then you both as a couple open up the box. The theory is that those letters would bring you back to the day you were married and give you an understanding that the love you share is much stronger than the problem that exists at the time you opened the box. Secondly, the box is to be opened in celebration of your 10th Wedding Anniversary. This too will allow you to rekindle that special love that you had prior to your wedding day.

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