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Let me just start by saying, I love photographing people… especially people who are in love.  Every couple is unique in their own way, there is always a story to tell, and it never gets old.  
Often times, weddings are a blur.  They are a series of highs and lows, and probably the longest but shortest, day of your life.  It’s my job to help you remember all of it...and maybe even some moments you didn’t know about!

 People always say that you should “live in the moment.”  This is yours.  Live it.


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i Deux Photography
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Great Photographers!

Summer 2010
Reviewed by Liane McCombs Wedding & Event Planning on
I had the distinct privilege of working with I Deux Photography this year, and it was, in every way, a pleasant experience. Jerrine and Sammie were extremely professional, yet fun to work along side. There final images were beautiful, and I know that the bride was also very pleased with their ability and talent as a photographic team. It was a great experience, and it would be a privilege to work with them once again, and I look forward to that opportunity.
The moments you'll want to remember for a life time!

Reviewed by Jessica Hecht on
My husband Tyler and I were married on June 5th of 2010. When thinking about what meant the most to me in planning our wedding day, photography was at the top of the list. The photos that you have of your wedding day become the memories that you will have for a life time. A good friend of mine and referred me to IDeux photography. I connected with Jerrine and Sammie right away. They were so personable and helped to make our picture taking an easy going, fun process. They helped to make Tyler feel comfortable in front of the camera and I had never dreamed that we would get so many pictures of him smiling! Several of our friends were also married this past year and when comparing our photos I have been so pleased with our choice in photographers. We had beautiful and creative shots that I will enjoy forever. Thank you so much Jerrine and Sammie. You both come very highly recommended by both Tyler and I!

Reviewed by Meaghan Crooks on
When Nick and I were first engaged we chose a photographer that had done some work for my mom and, needless to say her prices were outrageous and she would only allow us to print and purchase our photos through her. So began our hunt for a new photographer, and lucky for us we got two amazing women! Sammi and Jerrine worked with us closely from beginning to end, When it was time to take our engagement photos they allowed us to pick multiple locations and helped us choose ideal spots for our photos. We laughed the whole time. It only took them about a week to edit and return our engagement photos to us. I think we ended up with 200. All of them beautiful! I loved that I could take them wherever I wanted to and print them right away. When the big day finally arrived Jerrine and Sammi were there in the hotel room with the girls taking pictures of us getting ready. They captured some amazing candid moments. Then they followed us to the Chism House and took pictures of the guys getting ready. They caught every single detail of the wedding, and when my feet hurt and I didn't feel like taking pictures anymore they let me sit down, take a break, and when I was ready again they finished our photos. It took them six weeks to get our photos back to us after the wedding and I was not disappointed, we ended up with 1,500 beautiful and edited photos!  Sammi and Jerrine went above and beyond my expectations I would recommend them to anyone. 
Reviewed by Chelsea Stieb-Brittenham on
From the moment I got engaged to the day I walked down the aisle, I knew the most important part of planning my wedding was how I was going to capture the memories. Choosing i Deux was simple and comfortable. Being a photographer myself, I knew I had a critical eye when it came to choosing a photographer. Jerrine and Sammie were knowledgable, friendly, creative and willing to do anything to ensure that I was happy with my wedding photographs. I couldn't be more elated as I look at my pictures today. My wedding day was amazing and I have Jerring and Sammie to thank for the images to look back on.
More like friends than photographers

Engagement Session
Reviewed by Crystal Edwards on
After much stress and panick over photography for our wedding, once we met Sammie and Jerrine we knew they were a perfect match for us! Theie willingness to work with our personalities, our love story, and our ideas made us feel very comfortable before even one shot was even taken. Budget was also a very big concern with us, and Sammie and Jerrine made sure to get us what we wanted and more within our budget! We had so much fun during our engagement session-in multiple locations and Sammie and Jerrine always stayed postive and energetic to help us make sure the pictures would be great. For our wedding day, they were very patient with our extremely large and rowdy wedding party-but letting eveyone's personality shine! During the entire day/night-we never felt as if we were strained to take photos. They blended in with our guests/friends so well-that we almost forgot they were our photographers! They even hit the dance floor for some fun to relax and have a good time. And the final product-our wonderful pictures are all thanks to them! WE LOVE EVERY single one...and they captured some amazing moments that we would have never been able to see withouy having them their to catch all of them! We truly have the entire day in photos-our love story that we will have for a lifetime. We will definitely continue to use Sammie and Jerrine for all our important moments in the future!

Reviewed by Katrina on
Jerinne and Sammie did an amazing job at our wedding!! Not only did we have two photographers taking pictures, we also had two different peoples view. They were with us from getting dressed until the end. They made taking pictures FUN, not the usually boring stuff. I was absolutely AMAZED when I got the pictures back from them. Not only did they take all the pictures I really wanted, they took so many more. The pictures we got on the flight line just blew my mind!!! Thanks for having fun with us and doing such a GREAT job!!!!
Reliable & Great Photos!
Reviewed by Kendra Cherba on
Choosing to work with Jerrine and Sammie proved to be a wonderful decision for our wedding. They were super easy to communicate with, and they wanted our input. We were asked to provide a list of photographs that we wanted to have taken on the wedding day so that we would get everything we desired. It was always very easy to get in touch with the pair, and they made the whole process stress free and easy. On the day of the wedding, Jerrine and Sammie were there to capture it all from getting ready to the dancing. The photographs turned out great! My husband and I love looking back through them all, and remembering that special day!
Great people, great photos!

My whole wedding party
Reviewed by Tammie on
When I met Jerrine and Sammie for our consultation, I knew immediately they were the photographers for me.  Photographers play such an important role in the wedding so you want to make sure to pick the right ones.  What I was looking for was someone that I could talk to like a friend (I mean they are there for some of your most intimate and special moments of your life) and that I would feel comfortable around through everything.  And I got two of them!  They were so fun to be around and just fit in with everybody.  Our photos turned out amazing and really captured the day well.  We loved these girls.  They are simply wonderful and produce fantastic photos.

Reviewed by Katherine Montechelle on
Sammie and Jerrine were responsible for one of the big three that I cared about for our wedding August 10, 2010. I decided after much stress, that I cared about the dress, my husband and the pictures. My dress got ruined, my loving husband is amazing, and Sammie and Jerrine made the picture part of our wedding fun and stress free. Having the two of them take pictures means we got two different stories of our wedding, a ton (seriously over 1200 the day of and 400+ for our engagement session) pictures, and the flexibility to focus on our family and friends instead of making sure that we got all the shots we wanted. They are so relaxed, it is hard to not let all the stress melt away and have fun. They were there for so long, we didn't feel pressured at all. The results were phoenominal if I had do the entire wedding over again, the only part I would look forward to is the photography! I have already reccomended two of my friends. Photography can be so outrageously expensive, and these two provide the same quality pictures for a reasonable price. All in all, I can not recommend them high enough! You won't be dissapointed!

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